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Welcome to TheCarSource.com

Web Site Notes

TheCarSource.com has been on the Net for many years. How it got here in the first place is an interesting story. Click on the link on the left to read it.  This web page's claim to fame is the cars of Carroll Shelby. The founder of this page obtained a 1968 GT 350 about 20+ years ago.That started the fascination and respect for Carroll Shelby and his Ford powered cars.

There are some links directly to some of the cars talked about here. I started a book on the Shelby Cars with Nicky Wright some years ago that the publisher choose not to print. He said Shelby cars were too small of a car market place. The book wouldn't appeal to enough people. Little did he know. 

Another feature of TheCarSource.com is we host the national Shelby Mustang email list. Specifically for Shelby Mustang owners, this list connects the owners. If you are a Shelby Mustang owner, you should be a member. Join the hundreds of other owners on the list. Click here to go to the list's web page or to join.

Other Cars?

Yes, there is some information on other cars here, mostly cars that I have owned. In the evolution of this web effort, CarMemories.com came into being. There are thousands of car pics of all makes and models on that web site. But on this site the cars are mostly Fords, particularly Shelby Fords.

Thanks for being here. Enjoy your visit.

This web site is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company or Carroll Shelby. Rather this site is dedicated to some great cars and a legend that wouldn't have been without Ford Motor Company and Carroll Shelby. Thanks to both of them for the cars and the legend. 


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