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1967 Shelby Mustang
Prices In 1967

Base Models
GT 350 $3,995.00
GT 500 $4,195.00
Power disc brakes


Power steering $84.47
Shoulder Harness $50.76
Fold Down Rear Seat (Fastbacks only) $64.77
Radio, AM push button $57.51
Select-O-Matic Transmission $50.00
Air Conditioning Selectaire $356.09
Exhaust Emission Control System $45.45
Closed Crankcase Emission System $5.19
Deluxe Wheels $185.00
Ralley Stripe $34.95
Paxton Super Charger (GT 350 only) $549.00
Tinted Glass (Air Conditioning Cars - only) $30.25
Tilt-away Steering Wheel $62.18

The above prices are from the sticker in 1967, these are NOT current prices for a 1967 Shelby Mustang.

Yes, I have gotten many, many emails from people wanting to know who has a Shelby Mustang for sale at the above prices. Give me a break. We could be seeing the last of the Shelby Mustangs valued under $100,000.

It cost me more than $3,500 to rebuild my Toploader transmission. A paint job on one of these cars could cost $10,000. Enough said.