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1967 GT 500 - 427 Side Oiler
Owned by John Huculak67lftside1.jpg (48604 bytes)

This 1967 GT 500 has a 427 side oiler under the hood. Larry Dobbs, publisher of Mustang Monthly, use to own this California Shelby Mustang. It is the featured car in the Mustang Recognition Guide.  The car has a special fiberglass hood with cooling louvers cut into it to let the heat escape to cool the hot 427 engine.

67front1.jpg (60958 bytes)

Note the 427 emblem under the GT 500 on the left side of the front. A Terlingua Racing Team sticker has also been added on the right side. The car has Koni high performance shocks on all four corners. Special front and rear sway bars have been added. The front A arms have been modified to Shelby specs. Under ride traction master bars hold the rear tires to the pavement. The car has Shelby American aluminum mags. John says he has a set of new, original Goodyear E70-15 tires (NOS). On the street, though he runs Goodrich Comp T/A's.

67rear1.jpg (50290 bytes)

John says he has over 1800 hours restoring this outstanding 1967 GT 500. These pictures show his efforts were well worth it. The car has a Ford top loader 4-speed  with a Hurst competition shifter. The rear end is a 3:50 Traction Lok with a nodular case connected to a special high strength alloy 31 spline axles, good to have to handle the awesome horse power of this 427.

67427gt5001.jpg (64739 bytes)

The '67 Shelby Mustangs had two round hi-beam lights mounted in the center of the grille. Shelby found out some of the states had a minimum distance requirement between the lights delaying introduction of the '67 model in those states. This 427 has been completely reworked. It has a new Eski high performance cam and valves,  LeMans connecting rods, Arias high compression, forged aluminum pistons, a new forged steel crankshaft, a Ford aluminum flywheel, Carter fuel pump, and a high pressure & volume oil pump. The headers are 2 1/2 inch diameter, cast Ford performance with a flowmaster exhaust system to allow the 427 to breath. There is also an oil cooler. John finished the engine off with a COBRA aluminum finned oil pan and valve covers. The 427 has also been blue printed and balanced. One truly awesome GT 500 with enough under the hood to show what Carroll Shelby had in mind when he came up with the GT 500 in 1967.  From the factory, GT 500's came with 428 engines. A nice engine with some respectable horsepower but not in the class of a 427. John says this 427 easily puts out 500 horse power!

rtside1.jpg (74444 bytes)

The rear side scoops are functional on this car. Shelby American stop cutting the holes and running the hoses to the feed the rear brakes with cool air early in 1966. Ford thought that would be a good place to save some money. This car also has been modified with a longer seat track to allow taller drivers to move the seat back another five inches and still return to the stock positions.  This is definitely what dreams are made of. Great car, John. Thanks for sending the pictures. No, this car is not for sale. If you want to ask John any questions about this beautiful 427 1967 GT 500, email him.