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Bob Erickson's Supercharged 1968 GT 350

Shelby GT 350 2.jpg (64667 bytes)

Bob won this beautiful, 1968 Shelby Cobra GT 350 from the Friend's of the Sea Otter's fund raiser in Monteray, California in 1999.  This car has the optional dealer installed Paxton Supercharger. Big block horse power from a 302. Few '68's actually were ordered with the supercharger. For a few dollars more than the price of the GT 350 with the air pump, you could buy a GT 500.  Note the white racing stripes, also a dealer installed option on the '68 Shelby Mustangs. This GT 350 has the Shelby American aluminum wheels.

Shelby GT 350 2.jpg (64667 bytes)

Note the aluminum COBRA valve covers, COBRA hi-rise, Monte Carlo bar to stiffen the front end with a bend in it to accomodate the supercharger, and the white Paxton supercharger with the black finish COBRA bonnet over the carb.

Shelby GT 350 5.jpg (27012 bytes)

Stock GT Mustang interior with wood grain on the dash and door panels. This car is an automatic. All GT 350's came with a wood grain console and steering wheel. . In addition to the amp and oil pressure gauges on the console, this car has a vacuum gauge for the supercharger. This picture doesn't show the padded roll bar or the airplane shoulder passenger restraints.

The base 4 barrell, small block in the 1968 Shelby Mustangs was rated at 250 horsepower. Shelby American used the new Ford 302 with the hi-rise and headers. Add a Paxton Supercharger and you can bump the horses to 335. Even though, the supercharger was an option from Shelby American, most were dealer installed.

This car has 71,000 actual miles. It is a correct restoration with many NOS Parts. It's been a constant car show winner. A really nice 1968 GT 350. Congratulations, Bob.

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