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New Page 1 Daytona Cobra Coupe Specs
The Shelby Cobra
Daytona Coupe
Specifications 1964 & 65
Total Built   6
Type V-8,iron block, water cooled
Head Cast iron, removable
Valves Overhead, pushrod/rocker-actuated
Max BHP 390 @ 6,750 rpm
Max Torque 341 lbs-ft @ 4,000 rpm
Bore 4.05" (101.6mm)
Stroke 2.87" (72.9MM)
Displacement 289cid, 4736cc
Compression Ratio 10.8:1
Induction system 4 Weber 48 IDA
Exhaust system Standard, dual exhaust
Electrical system 12-volt distributor system
Frame ladder type steel tube 
Body aluminum
Front and rear suspension Independent front and rear, with A-arm, transverse springs, Koni tube type adjustable shocks, anti-roll (sway) bars front and rear
Tire type Goodyear Stock Car Special
Tire Size
Front 6.70 x 15"
Rear 8.20 x 15"
Wheels Magnesium alloy rims, front 15.0x6.0", rear 15.0x8.0"

elkhart-02-daytcpe3.jpg (42147 bytes)

Weights and Measures
Wheelbase 90.0"
Front track 51.5"
Rear track 52.5"
Overall height 49.0"
Overall width 61.0"
Overall length 151.5"
Crankcase 10 quart
Cooling system 20 quart
Gas tank 35 gallons
Weight Distribution 53/47
Curb weight
Curb 2,300 lbs.
Test 2,430 lbs.
Type Single dry disc
Actuation Mechanical
Type Borg Worner T-10M Four speed
First 2.32:1
Second 1.69:1
Third 1.29:1
Fourth 1.00:1
Front 11" Girling discs
Rear 10.0x2.5" drum
Steering recirculating ball

Sutcliffe Harper  Daytona #59 (6197 bytes)

Ratios 3.09:1
Drive axles - type Enclosed, semi-floating
Type Recirculating ball, 19:1 ratio
Turns, lock to lock 2.75
Turning circle 34 feet
Top Speed 198 mph @ 7,000 rpm
3rd gear 142 mph @ 7,000 rpm
2nd gear 112 mph @ 7,000 rpm
1st gear 85 mph @ 7,000 rpm
0-30 1.73 sec
0-40 2.40 sec
0-50 3.03 sec
0-60  4.01 sec
0-70 4.90 esc
0-80 5.93 sec
0-100 8.81 sec
Quarter mile 12.12 sec @ 112mph
Estimated Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price  $15,000. No cars were sold. All were built to be raced.

The cars were painted in different colors for the races they participated in. The basic color was Viking Blue and Guardsman Blue. Black was also an available color.

Six cars were built, only five are accounted for. The first car, CSX2287, has not surfaced. (New information, this car has been located, read the story here.)
The Cobra Daytona Coupe information was collected from many sources, all resources are listed on the books and publications.

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