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Comparisons of the Shelby Cars and their performance
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This section will be to stories, lists and comparisons of  the performance of the different Shelby Cars. If you have an information as to top speeds, 1/4 miles times or other info, please email it to me for posting here. Email info

Carroll Shelby was always one to try to outdo Ferrari. One unofficial record a Ferrari held was "0-100-0" time.  A couple of Shelby American employees took at 427 Cobra out to see what it would do. They were clocked going from 0 to100 mph back to0 again in 13.8 secs.  Try and grab that $100 bill taped to the dash...

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The story goes that Bill Cosby, the comedian asked Shelby for a special Cobra, you know, one of a kind. Shelby put twin supercharges on a 427 Cobra. That lethal combination put out 900 horsepower! Cosby told about driving it on one of his early comedy albums. I found copies of this classic Bill Cosby routine on Napster. I'd post it here but it is one HUGE file (over 27 meg.). 

Cosby tells in the routine that he owned a Rolls Royce that quit running on him so he decided to replace the car with a car would do over 180 mph. One day he while driving his Ferrari, he happened to bump into Carroll Shelby. Shelby told him that he should be driving a real sports car, an American one, not some foreign car. Cosby said American cars would only go 160 mph and he wanted one that would go at least 180 mph. Shelby told him they would build a special Cobra for Cosby, one that would go 200 mph. Cosby told him to go for it. He said he was like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. Shelby American delivered the Cobra to him at home. "Here are the keys to your Cobra", the man said.  It was all blue with side exhaust that wrapped clear around the car. Now imagine this, Shelby built a 900 horsepower, supercharged 427 engine for this Cobra. They even put a special plaque on the dash for him. Cosby got into the car and started it up. It roared to life. He turned it off faster than he had started it. He said his hair on his head went straight up. And he was just idling. He hadn't even put his "foot on the gas pedal and he was killing people." His impulse was to get out of the car, but his manhood wouldn't let him. Besides what would he tell Shelby. He had to drive it at least once. He put his foot on the brake as far as it would go, checked everything, fastened his seatbelt, which he never wore. He started the car again. It ROARED to life, he let the clutch out and he immediately began circling the tree in his yard. He shut it off, took the keys out, and gave the keys back to the Shelby American employee. He told him, take this car, its already paid for and give it to George Wallace.  The skit is well worth the download. I laugh at it time and time again. 

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