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The picture gallery on the Shelby pages grows regularly as more and more owners send in pictures of their Shelby cars. All contributions are welcome. If you own a Shelby car you are more than welcome to submit your car to me. However, I have been getting a lot of pictures that I have trouble putting here. Here are some suggestions as to what I am looking for in pictures.

    1. The picture must be digitized, of course, to put on the net which means you need scan the image. There are many formats you can save the scanned image as. However, the web only uses specific types and I am using an IBM PC. That translates to the image must be BMP, a GIF or a  JPG. Please send your pictures as JPG, though. JPG files are automatically compressed. BMP are are not compressed and are much too large to send and for me to post on the net. Please send JPG files. I can scan pictures but you have to mail them to me. If you do that and want them back be sure to include a self addressed stamped envelope. (SASE)

    2. When you shoot a picture, make sure the car is the primary focus of the picture. A cluttered background takes away from the car.  Choose the location for the shot carefully. Look through the lense and see the picture. Does it flatter the car?  Or does it distract from the car?  Center the car and don't cut off the ends. I can't use parts of cars. Show the whole car, please.

3. Take a series of shots of your car. Try different angles. Front shot, both sides, from the front corners, rear corners, and from the rear. Look at the picture you see through the viewer, that's what the picture will be like. Does that shot flatter the car, or the background? I've made some great shots in a busy area using different lenses and focal lengths, focusing on the car and blurring the background.  Engine and interior shots are difficult to get  good pictures. After all how many ways can you take a picture of an engine? Play with several different angles. Interiors are tough because of poor lighting inside. You might try additional lighting to provide more light or do it on a bright day. If your camera is automatic, and its bright outside, your lense will not open enough for an interior shot. It will turn out too dark. You might try fooling your camera or use a manual lense.

Just some suggestions on shooting pictures of your car. Imagination, practice and some luck are needed to get some great shots. The picture should say something about the car and maybe the owner. What do your pictures say?

Please also include information about your car and you. How did you acquire it? How long has it been in the family? Do you have any interesting stories about the car or things that have happened while you've owned it? Does the car have any interesting history? What have you done to the car since you acquired it? Tell me a story about your car.

Send your pictures and I'll put you and your car on the net. Or better yet, go to register and upload your images to that site.


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