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Shelby American, the cars and the people
The History and Racing with Shelby American
Revised: September 18, 2018

Table of Contents

This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with Shelby American, the cars and some of the people that were and are still involved including enthusiasts and SAAC clubs.  The information is divided into the following categories:

The Story including Racing with Shelby American

  • Each car and model has a story and historical information
  • The AC Cobras click here to go to the Cobra section
  • Racing Cobras, including the winningist Cobra, the ESSEX Wire Cobra
  • The Shelby Mustangs click here to go to the Shelby Mustang section
  • The 1965-66 NHRA & AHRA Drag Racing GT 350's
  • The Essex Cobra - the winningist Cobra Roadster
  • Jim Race's Shelby History of Shelby American Pages His grandfather worked with Shelby American. Jim has some great pictures of the early Shelby American factory with some stories on the history. Sadly Jim's pages seem to have the left the internet. Too bad as he had some great pages & pictures on Shelby American.
  • The Cobra Daytona Coupe story
  • The Terlingua Racing Team Appearing on the side of a number of Shelby American racing cars is a rather odd emblem of a mean looking rabbit. As you might expect, this is another interesting Carroll Shelby story. What is the significance of the rabbit and Terlingua Texas?
  • The Shelby American Collection in Boulder Colorado, a non profit collection of Shelby American cars
  • Carroll Shelby inducted into Motorsport Hall of Fame, 1992
  • The GT 40s: Part 1  Part 2   Ford Motor Company wanted a Ford to win races. After deciding not to buy Ferrari, Ford tried to win with a truly unique race car called a GT 40. The car was awesome but you have to finish a race to win it. After an unsuccessful series of attempts, Ford turned to Shelby American to do what they couldn't do, win with them. And win they did...
  • Group 2 Racing,  the beginning of Trans-Am Racing 1966, The SCCA recognized the popularity of the new sedan ponycars and created a series of amateur races and a Manufacturers Trophy series. Ford turned the project over to Shelby America. Although, Shelby wasn't directly involved with the races, the Shelby prepared Group 2 Mustangs lead the fight for Ford.
  • Trans-Am Racing  1969, The Boss Mustangs. Ford was still out to win the Trans-Am series after a disastrous '68 season. The Trans Am Racing Series had become a game of manufacturer against manufacturer. The stakes were high and the competition tough. A new Mustang body was introduced in 1969 with a new 302 engine. Ford backed two teams for 1969. One team carried the Shelby American racing colors.
  • Trans-Am Racing 1970 Shelby American lost its Ford support for Trans-Am racing. Only the Bud Moore team was carrying Ford's colors. Could Ford take back the Trans-Am Championship that Shelby had delivered to them twice?
  • Trans Am Racing Schedules  1969   and  1970
  • Performance Comparisons- This chart is a collection of performance comparisons for various cars including the Cobra Daytona Coupe, the '68 GT 500KR and the '65 GT 350 .
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Production Information

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Books on The Shelby Car Story

  • The Carroll Shelby Story by Carroll Shelby, 1965, Trident Press (Out of Print)
  • Shelby's Wildlife, the Cobras, Mustangs and Dodges by Wallace Wyss
  • Shelby Cobra, The Shelby American Original Archives 1962-1965  by Dave Friedman. Dave was PR director at Shelby American during those wonder years. There are lots of great pictures with Dave's insights of those years.
  • Carroll Shelby's Racing Cobra by Dave Friedman and John Christy. A must see Cobra book...
  • The Shelby American Registry from SAAC . A MUST HAVE SHELBY CARS BOOK available from SAAC. This book includes all kind of information PLUS pictures and a listing of all the Shelby cars by serial number with owners information (if they sent it in to SAAC.)
  • Shelby GT 40  by Dave Friedman A great book on the Shelby GT 40 efforts
  • Shelby Mustang by Tom Corcoran, Tom is an editor at Mustang Monthly and has accumulated a lot of good information and pictures on Shelby Mustangs
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Shelby Web Links.

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