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1970 Tran-Am Schedule

The 1969 Trans-Am Boss Mustang Results

May 11 - Wolverine Trans-Am
Michigan International Speedway, Irish Hills, MI
Parnelli Jones (Moore) 1st
Peter Revson (Shelby) 29th DNF (blown tire)
George Follmer (Moore) 34th DNF (clutch)
Horst Kwech  (Shelby) 42nd DNF (accident)
May 30 - Lime Rock Trans-Am
Lime Rock Park, CT
Sam Posey (Shelby) 1st
Swede Savage (Moore) 2nd
John Cannon (Moore) 4th
Horst Kwech (Shelby) 30th DNF (brakes)
June 8 - Mid-Ohio Trans Am
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, OH
Parnelli Jones (Moore) 2nd
Geroge Follmer (Moore) 3rd
Peter Revson (Shelby) 4th
Horst Kwech (Shelby) 10th
June 22 - Bridgehampton Trans-Am
Bridgehampton Race Circuit, NY
George Follmer (Moore) 1st
Peter Revson (Shelby) 5th
Parnelli Jones (Moore) 18th DNF (wiring fire)
Horst Kwech (Shelby) 21st DNF (transmission)
July 6 - Donneybrooke Trans-Am
Donneybrooke International Speedway, Brainerd, MN
Parnelli Jones (Moore) 1st
Peter Revson (Shelby) 3rd
Horst Kwech (Shelby) 10th DNF (accident)
George Follmer (Moore) 16th DNF (accident)
July 20 - Hearld Traveler Challenge Trophy Trans-Am
Bryar Motorsport Park, Loudon, NH
Peter Revson (Shelby) 3rd
George Follmer (Moore) 4th
Parnelli Jones (Moore) 17th DNF (overheating)
Horst Kwech (Shelby) 20th DNF (transmission)
August 3 - Three Hours of Le Circuit Trans-Am
Mt. Tremblant, St Jovite, Quebec
George Follmer (Moore) 27th DNF (accident)
Peter Revson (Shelby) 28th DNF (accident)
Horst Kwech (Shelby) 29th DNF (accident)
Parnelli Jones (Moore) 34th DNF (shifter linkage)
August 10 - Glenn 500 Trans-Am
Watkins Glen, NY
Parnelli Jones (Moore) 2nd
PeterRevson (Shelby) 19th DNF (accident)
George Follmer (Moore) 26th DNF (pitted)
August 24 - Laguna Seca Tran-Am
Laguana Seca Raceway, Monterey, CA
Dan Gurney (Shelby) 3rd
Peter Revson (Shelby) 4th
George Follmer (Moore) 23rd DNF (broken wheel)
Parnelli Jones (Moore) 27th DNF (differential)
September 7 - Kent 300 Trans-Am
Seatlle International Raceway, Kent, WA
Parnelli Jones (Moore) 2nd
Peter Revson (Shelby) 4th
Dan Gurney (Shelby) 10th
George Follmer (Moore) 20th DNF (acccident)
September 21 - Sear Point Trans-Am
Sears Point International Raceway, Sonoma, CA
Parnelli Jones (Moore) 2nd
George Follmer (Moore) 3rd
Horst Kwech (Shelby) DNF (transmission)
Peter Revson (Shelby) DNF (carburetor)
October 5 - Mission Bell 500 Trans-Am
Riverside International Raceway, Riverside, CA
Peter Revson (Shelby) 4th
Horst Kwech (Shelby) 9th
George Follmer (Moore) DNF (wheel)
Parnelli Jones (Moore) DNF (radiator)
Al Unser (Moore) DNF (engine)