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Welcome to TheCarSource.com - Shelby Mustang Email List

What is the Shelby Mustang Email list?

Shelby American produced a limited number of modified Mustangs from 1965-1970.  Even though during that period of time other manufacturers offered muscle cars, the Shelby Mustangs were unique and desirable. Today they are highly sought after as one of the most collectible muscle cars.

This web page is dedicated to the cars, legend and owners of the Shelby Mustangs. From this particular page, owners can join with other owners to share information and stay in touch. All Shelby Mustang owners are welcome and encouraged to join. Imagine being able to contact or even ask a question of other owners of Shelby Mustangs. Join today. Enthusiasts are also welcome. All memberships require registration and a final OK.

If you own a Shelby Mustang, you should be a member of the list. There is no membership fee. To register for membership, go here. Join the hundreds of owners who are already members of the Shelby Mustang Email List.

How does it work?

An email list is quite simple. First you have to register as a member. Once your membership is active, you will receive emails from the members of the list. Any member can send an email and all members will receive it. As a member you can send emails to
 (The list will not allow emails from non-members. NO SPAM ALLOWED)

Email List Archives

There is also an archive of the emails. Members ONLY can access the archives. Which means as a member you have to login to access the archives. To list the email archives click here.

To join the list or to administer your member account go here.

The group also has a forum which is listed on the menu to the left. This forum supplements the email list and the archive. This is also a member option. Non-members can read the forum, but they cannot post/add to it. Only registered members can add to it. To join and contribute to the forum, you will have to register with a username and password. Membership in the list does not automatically give you membership to the forum. This forum is also administrated so we have to give each new member the OK from our end. Please join the forum.

This web site is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company or Carroll Shelby. Rather this site is dedicated to some great cars and a legend that wouldn't have been without Ford Motor Company and Carroll Shelby. Thanks to both for the cars and the legend. 

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