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Top 6 Best 12-Volt Car Heaters For All Budgets In 2021 Review

No one likes driving in winter, do they? It’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s miserable. There are few feelings worse than getting out of a nice, warm bed, knowing you have an unpleasant journey ahead of you.

But some trips can’t be avoided. Whether on the daily school run or the commute to work, sometimes we have to make the drive. Normal life doesn’t stop just because there’s a chill in the air!

So, what do we need?

How about an awesome electric heater? Therefore, in this review, we’ve searched for the best 12-volt car heater around. So, let’s go through them and find the perfect solution for your next winter journey…

Top 6 Best 12-Volt Car Heater On The Market In 2021 Reviews

1 Stalwart 75-hblanket Electric Car Blanket- Heated 12 Volt Fleece Travel Throw for Car and RV – Best 12-Volt Car Blanket

It’s getting hot in here…

To kick things off, let’s take a look at this fleece throw. Made from 100% polyester, its subtle blue hues add a comforting vibe to the car. Strong yet flexible, this material is durable, even with repeated use.

How does it work?

With an adapter that connects to your car’s cigarette lighter. Simply plug it in, and the blanket begins to get warm in a matter of seconds. The thin wire that runs through the fabric heats up quickly, evenly distributing warmth across the material.

That adapter is attached by a long, tough electrical cord. And when we say long, we mean it! It’s a massive 96 inches, making it perfect for chilly backseat passengers.

Is it big enough for more than one person?

It sure is. At 59 by 43 inches, there’s plenty of fabric here. Cuddle up underneath with your favorite loved one, or wrap it around yourself, as snug as a bug in a rug.

There’s a lot to like here. Its enormous size is a real advantage, and that lengthy cord is useful. We love the color, too, as it’s understated yet still eye-catching.

What’s the catch?

It isn’t the most comfortable 12-volt heater we’ve seen. The material is a little stiff. It would be nice to have something softer than we can really feel cozy under.

And after a while, it stops producing heat. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t last long enough. That might be fine for short journeys, but for longer trips, we’d recommend looking elsewhere.

Stalwart 75-hblanket Electric Car Blanket- Heated 12 Volt Fleece Travel Throw for Car and RV

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Impressive dimensions.
  • Long cord.
  • Beautiful color.


  • Slightly uncomfortable.
  • Heat wears off after a while.

2 HealthMate IN9438-2 Velour 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support – Best Budget 12 Volt Car Heater

In the heat of the moment…

Up next, how about this best heated pad? Two elasticated straps and four bottom loops attach it firmly to the car seat. The pad then follows the line of the seat, copying its shape.

This isn’t a full-body cover. It acts as a liner for a chair. This means that not only can it be used in the car, but it’s also perfect for a cold office too.

What is it made from?

This is a velour fabric. Beautifully soft, it offers the user a seriously comfortable experience. Not just that, but it looks great too, with its cool silver tones.

Underneath the material, we find the heating wire. It snakes all the way up the pad in a zigzag pattern. That ensures an even distribution of heat, from heinie up to head.

Is the temperature adjustable?

Yep! Attached to the cord are heat controls. Choose from high or low depending on the weather, or turn it off when it gets too warm.

And it’s a good thing we have that option because this can get seriously hot! Not only does it heat up quickly, but it achieves an extremely high temperature as well. It’s ideal for those driving in a Minnesotan winter, or if you’re anything like us, those who are always cold!

What’s the best part?

It has lumbar support! This isn’t just an electric car heater. It helps to prop up the lower back for maximum comfort.

OK, so we can’t wrap it around ourselves and snuggle in. But it does the job well. Who knows? This could well be the best 12-volt car heater pad you can buy.

HealthMate IN9438-2 Velour 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Supportive back padding.
  • Heat controls.
  • Great heat distribution.


  • Not a full-body cover.

3 KINGLETING Warmer Seat Cushion with Intelligent Temperature Controller – Best Premium 12 Volt Car Heater


Now for another best heated car seat cushion. In classic black, this one will look the part in any automobile. It’s not just for cars; this could be a great 12-v heater for an RV or camper too.

Does it work quickly?

Absolutely! It takes just 60 seconds to warm up. From the moment it’s turned on it, delivers a wave of heat all the way down the driver’s back. And boy, does it get hot! This heater can go all the way up to 140 °F. That’s perfect for those frigid days when we just can’t quite warm up.

Not a fan of super high temperatures?

Don’t worry! The heat level is adjustable. Starting at 86 °F, it can be altered in 3° increments with the attached controller. That control panel has another benefit, too. It contains a shut off timer. Choose from 30, 60, or 90 minutes, and the pad will turn off after the selected time.

There’s a protective thermostat in place here as well. It ensures the cushion won’t overheat, even if accidentally left on. It’s awesome to have that extra peace of mind and level of safety with this product.

Are there any downsides?

Well, there’s just one. It’s the price. Quality such as this comes at a cost.

But maybe it’s worth it. After all, there are some fantastic features on offer here. With standards this high, it’s unsurprising that we have to pay a little extra.

KINGLETING Warmer Seat Cushion with Intelligent Temperature Controller

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Temperature control.
  • Excellent safety features.
  • Fast-acting.


  • Pricey!

4 Sojoy Comfort Seat Cushion – Best Mid Range 12 Volt Car Heater

Heat on the seat…

Safety is the name of the game with our next option. This one comes with a fail-safe against overheating. Once the thermostat reaches the chosen temperature, it stops increasing, maintaining a constant level of warmth.

There’s a timed shut off control as well. It’s easy to forget about the heater and accidentally leave it on. This feature switches the pad off after 30, 45, or 60 minutes to prevent any accidents.

Is it easy to use?

Of course, it is. Those controls are intuitive and simple to handle. They only have one button, so it’s basically impossible to get confused or make a mistake! It’s easy to fit, too. Elastic bands see to that. They hold the cushion tightly against the seat, while non-slip rubber prevents it from moving around.

The underside may use rubber, but the top of this cushion is constructed from suede. Pliable and soft, it’s a great material to use here as it retains heat well. And it’s easy to clean with a wet cloth, in the case of coffee spills.

That all sound great! But are there any issues?

The heating element doesn’t quite go all the way up the back. It stops partway, meaning we might end up with cold shoulders. It would be better if it covered a larger surface area.

That aside, this is an awesome option. It looks great, it heats up quickly, and it’s super safe. All at a wallet-friendly price.

Sojoy Comfort Seat Cushion

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Straightforward controls.
  • Excellent safety features.
  • Beautifully constructed.


  • Does not heat above the middle of the back.

5 Elantrip12 Volt(8A,45W) Machine Washable Electric Heated Blanket for Car – Best Rated 12 Volt Car Heater

Some like it hot…

Here’s another blanket option. At 40 by 55 inches, it’s plenty big enough to cover two people. Or keep it to yourself, and wrap up cocoon style! There are two different fabric options on offer, as this blanket is reversible. On one side, we find gentle faux fleece and, on the other, an incredibly soft flannel. You can choose which feels best against your skin.

Both those materials are washable. This item can be thrown in the machine without the heating element being affected. And even better, it’s even safe for use in the dryer as well.

What’s the best part?

This isn’t just any electric blanket. Using ultrasonic technology, it has amazing reliability thanks to stress points with reinforcement. That makes it up to three times more durable than other items that use conventional technology.

But that doesn’t mean it’s inflexible. The fabric may be tough, but it’s also incredibly soft. Here we get the best of both worlds, as strength and comfort combine.

This all sounds too good to be true! Is it?

We had a slight problem with the controls. If it’s left underneath the blanket, it can get really hot and could be dangerous. We need to be careful to leave it outside the material to prevent overheating.

And all those awesome qualities come at a cost. This product isn’t easy on the old pocketbook! Yes, it has some amazing features, but we sure do pay for them!

Elantrip12 Volt(8A,45W) Machine Washable Electric Heated Blanket for Car

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Washing machine and dryer-friendly.
  • Incredibly long-lasting.
  • Reversible.


  • Pretty expensive.
  • Potential risk of fire.

6 Sojoy Heated Smart Multifunctional Travel Electric Blanket – Best Value 12-Volt Car Heater for the Money

Heat it up!

Finally, we come to this Sojoy blanket. Measuring a huge 60 by 40 inches, it’s more than big enough to cover your entire body. Make no mistake about it; this is the biggest heated travel blanket we’ve seen!

But is it comfortable?

Yes, thanks to its gentle fleece construction. This material has a really luxurious feel to it. Almost velvety in texture, this would be a great addition to any trip, even without the heating element. And speaking of heating elements, this one works fast. In mere seconds we can feel the warmth creeping in. That’s because it has more coils than most standard blankets, which also offer better distribution too.

But, they won’t get too hot. This option has ample protection against overheating. There’s a timed automatic shut off function, plus fuse and thermostat protection as well.

Quality such as this must be expensive, right?

Not really! This is actually very reasonable. We’d usually expect a much higher price tag for a product like this. So, it’s safe, it’s cozy, and it won’t break the bank. Are there any negatives?

Well, perhaps just one. It is not machine washable. It needs to be cleaned by hand with a soft, damp cloth. However, that’s the only disadvantage. We’re onto a good thing here. Who knows, this could well be the best car heater blanket around.

Sojoy Heated Smart Multifunctional Travel Electric Blanket

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


  • Impressive construction.
  • Great price.
  • Fast and safe heating.


  • Handwash only.

Best 12-Volt Car Heater Buying Guide

Best 12-Volt Car Heater Review

When it comes to choosing the right 12-volt car heater, there is a surprising number of things to think about. After all, in this review, we’ve seen the huge range of options available! So, what should we look out for?

Firstly, consider the construction. What is the heater made from? Obviously, we want something comfortable, but it has to be durable too.

Do you prefer a blanket or a seat pad?

Some people love that feeling of being completely covered. A blanket can totally envelop your body, trapping the heat in. Not only does this keep us warm, but it can give a feeling of security as well.

But others don’t like this sensation. For some, a blanket can feel a little claustrophobic. If you’re one of those people, a seat pad might be a better option.

How hot do you want it?

Once you’ve chosen your style, it’s time to think about how much heat it provides. No one wants a product that only offers a small amount of warmth! It needs to produce a high temperature to keep the user feeling toasty.

It should be evenly distributed, too. Some heaters only get warm in one place. It needs to spread the heat throughout for greater efficiency. If that heat can be controlled, then that would be a real bonus! The option to change the temperature would be great. We don’t need anything fancy; just a couple of simple options for low or high heat are fine.

How much do you want to spend?

And of course, we have to talk about the cost. It’s tempting to always go for the cheapest option, but with heaters, you often get what you pay for. Try to pick the option that offers the most bang for your back, not just the least expensive.

Benefits of a 12-Volt Car Heater

Why should you buy a 12-volt car heater? Do they really make that much of a difference on a cold day? The simple answer is; yes! A warm blanket or seat can turn a bad day into a great one! Knowing that you’ll spend your commute basking in warmth really gives us a better start to the day.

It doesn’t just need to be used in a car, either. All the products we looked at were portable car heaters. You can take it out of the car and fit it in the RV or truck cab, too.

They are even handy for the office!

Why not use one at your desk? OK, you might need to buy an AC/DC adapter, but they’re not expensive, and they’re the perfect way to get the most out of your heater.

Of course, the blanket style ones don’t have to be plugged in. If you just need a little extra warmth, then it can be used as a regular comforter. Just be sure to pick one made from a cozy material.

Other benefits…

And the seat cushions can have other benefits, too. Many offer lumbar support to help relieve those aches and pains we all get from time to time. Plus, they can protect your car seat from wear and tear.

So, you see? There are so many reasons that a 12-volt car heater is a fantastic idea. It’s not just about having a warm butt!

Top Brands

Best 12-Volt Car Heater Brands

So, who makes the best portable car heaters?


We saw two items from Sojoy in this review. Quality is the watchword with this iconic brand. For over 30 years, they’ve been producing automotive heating and cooling products, making them a name to trust.

And Sojoy products almost always come with a warranty. Usually lasting one year from the date of purchase, it really gives the user extra peace of mind. They’re known for having exemplary customer service, meaning that we’re well taken care of if anything goes wrong.


We checked out more than one Elantrip option as well. This brand is iconic in the world of motor vehicles. Well-known and widely respected, they’ve been making high-quality car accessories for over two decades.


We mustn’t forget about Kingleting. Only one word comes to mind when we think of this brand, and that is comfort. They produce an awesome range of seating products designed for maximum satisfaction, both in the car or at home.


And we can’t sign off without mentioning Healthmate. This brand could be the best option for those with back trouble. They produce items that offer top-notch support for all parts of the body.

12-Volt Car Heater Pricing

It’s difficult to decide how much to spend on one of these cigarette lighter heaters. Obviously, we want superb quality! But we don’t want to empty our bank account, either.

Anything over $50 is probably too expensive. It might be an incredible product, but it’s a bit much to pay just to feel warm in the car. Plus, if anything goes wrong, that’s a lot of money down the drain.

But paying too little is also a mistake people often make. If an item is low cost, then there’s usually a reason for it. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. We’d recommend playing it safe. Anything in the $25 to $40 range is going to be your best bet. You’ll get a decent standard without punishing your wallet.

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Which is the Best 12-Volt Car Heater?

We looked at some amazing heating solutions here! But there can only be one winner. And we have crowned the…

Sojoy Heated Smart Multifunctional Travel Electric Blanket

… as the best car heater on the market. Its delightful feel and even spread of heat really pushed this one ahead of its competitors. Combined with those impressive safety features, we felt this was a clear winner. Then the amazing price and one-year warranty really sealed the deal.

So, there you have it! You can enjoy your next winter trip with one of these fantastic heaters.

Happy and snug driving, folks!


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