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Top 6 Best Sunglasses For Driving for the Money in 2021 Review

For any of you that spend long periods in the car, you’ll know just how important it is to have a pair of good-quality driving sunglasses. Many of us have a dedicated pair of driving sunglasses that stay in the car and are never used other than for driving. This is because driving places specific demands on sunglasses.

The choice of driving sunglasses is vast, and prices vary hugely. To help you navigate and narrow down the choice, we’ve picked six of the best sunglasses for driving to cover most eventualities and budgets.

So, let’s take a closer look and find the perfect option for you and your driving needs…

Top 6 Best Sunglasses For Driving You Should Buy in 2021 Reviews

  1. Ray-Ban RB3507 CLUBMASTER – Best Premium Sunglasses for Driving
  2. DUCO Luxury Carbon Fiber Temple Polarized Sunglasses – Best Polarized Sunglasses for Driving
  3. Polarized Photochromic Wrap Around Sunglasses – Best Photochromic Sunglasses for Drivin
  4. Aviator MXNX UV Protection Driving Sunglasses – Best Budget Sunglasses for Driving
  5. ROCKNIGHT HD Polarized UV Protection Sunglasses – Best Value for the Money Sunglasses for Driving
  6. Tifosi Optics Seek FC Sunglasses – Best Non Polarized Sunglasses for Driving

1 Ray-Ban RB3507 CLUBMASTER – Best Premium Sunglasses for Driving

We’re starting off the review with a classic. Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses have been around in various forms for what seems forever. They have an enduring style and look as good today as they did over 60 years ago.

Made to last…

The cool thing is that these are truly unisex sunglasses. Who’s ever behind the wheel is sure to look sharp. Plus, wherever you are, they conjure up an image of driving on a sun-soaked coastal highway. In a convertible, with the top down, of course.

To go with the looks, there’s plenty of quality too. Ray-Ban sunglasses are made to last. So long as you don’t lose them, they can last a lifetime. For this reason, they are some of the most durable sunglasses for driving you can buy.

The lenses are made from mirror-coated scratch-resistant glass. You can choose either polarized or color-graded lenses. They have lightweight and strong aluminum frames. Like the lenses, they come in a choice of colors to match your style.

Something to consider…

The frames are suitable for most people, but if you have a very wide head, there is a chance they will be too tight. This also applies to people with very large noses as the older style of nose pads may be too narrow. Additionally, they may also be unsuitable if you have a very small nose.

More positively, the temple arms are nicely curved, which makes them comfortable to wear on even extended drives. The aluminum frames also helped to keep down the weight for your added comfort.


Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Excellent quality.
  • Tough scratch-resistant lenses.
  • Enduring and timeless style.
  • Comfortable.


  • Nose pads could be more adjustable.

2 DUCO Luxury Carbon Fiber Temple Polarized Sunglasses – Best Polarized Sunglasses for Driving

Here we have a pair of sunglasses that are very firmly a modern design. The carbon fiber temple arms and the recessed nose pads are very much of today. The carbon fiber also makes these a great look for driving.

Incredibly lightweight…

The sunglasses weigh a mere 25g which makes them perfect for extended wear. Other features that add to the comfort are the sprung hinges and the highly adjustable nose pads. These all work in unison to provide you with some of the most comfortable driving sunglasses.

Another thing we like a lot about the nose pads is that they’re cleverly set back, so it’s almost impossible to see them. This gives a much cleaner overall aesthetic whilst maintaining wearer comfort.

Super tough…

The UV400 protected lenses are made from durable scratch-resistant and impact-resistant plastic. They are polarized and provided a good standard of optical quality. Happily, you get to choose from a large selection of different lens shades and colors. This means that whatever your normal driving conditions, there should be a suitable pair for you.

The good news continues as DUCO sunglasses are relatively inexpensive. If you need to buy a couple of pairs to cover all eventualities, you can be assured that it won’t break the bank. Plus, with so many lenses and frames to choose from, you’ll be sure to always stay on point.

The frames are highly durable and can be bent into all kinds of strange angles without breaking. If you inadvertently sit on them, they should still be OK. As a result, these are some of the best flexible driving sunglasses. The lenses are a potential weak spot, but even here, DUCO have you covered.

So, why is this?

It’s because DUCO provides replacement lenses. This is not unique in itself but is undoubtedly unusual at this price point. It’s another big positive for us.

DUCO Luxury Carbon Fiber Temple Polarized Sunglasses

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Lightweight.
  • Strong frames.
  • Hinged arms.
  • Highly adjustable nose pads.
  • Scratch-resistant lenses.
  • Impact-resistant lenses.
  • Replacement lenses are available.


  • The frame edges may affect peripheral vision.

3 Polarized Photochromic Wrap Around Sunglasses – Best Photochromic Sunglasses for Driving

Although you can happily wear these in the car, they can be used just about anywhere. They can be used for sporting activities like fishing, cycling, or running. This means they are some of the most versatile driving sunglasses on the market.

You won’t stand out…

The styling is relatively neutral, so they can be worn with confidence anywhere you choose. The neutral styling also makes them great for you and any friend or family member who needs to borrow them.

Furthermore, these are some of the best lightweight driving sunglasses that are also highly flexible. Together with a very adjustable set of nose pads, they should fit just about anyone who wants to wear them. What’s more, the spring hinges will further help wearer comfort.

Protect your eyes…

The lenses provide full UV400 protection and are coated with a hard scratch-resistant coating. Additionally, the lenses are polarized. Plus, and we think the best feature is that these are also photochromic.

For any of you driving in mixed conditions, the photochromic lenses could prove highly useful. These glasses will have you covered in most situations. That means you can concentrate and enjoy your driving rather than be having to constantly look for that second pair of sunglasses when conditions change.

Great for just about anywhere…

The photochromic lenses take a little while to adjust but only fractionally longer than better-known brands. They are a good choice in most conditions except if you live in an area with extremely intense light. In this circumstance, you probably should opt for darker sunglasses.

Polarized Photochromic Wrap Around Sunglasses

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • UV400 Protected.
  • Suitable for multiple uses.
  • Comfortable.
  • Impact and scratch-resistant lenses.
  • Photochromic lenses.


  • Not dark enough for intense light conditions.

4 Aviator MXNX UV Protection Driving Sunglasses – Best Budget Sunglasses for Driving

Next up in our Best Sunglasses For Driving reviews, we have some large glasses that offer a lot for very little money. They come in a wide choice of frame and lens colors. Wherever you live and whatever kind of driving you do, there should be a pair that is right for you. All the lenses are polarized, and they all provide UV400 protection.

A little care needed…

The lenses and the frames are made from composite material. It’s a good material choice for the frames, but the quality of the lenses could be better. There is no scratch-proof or impact-resistant coating, so you’ll need to be careful with them.

Fortunately, they come with both a hard and a soft case. They’re good quality, and we suggest you put your sunglasses in them whenever they’re not in use. This way, you’ll have a much better chance of extending their life. The optical quality is surprisingly good for such an inexpensive brand. However, don’t the same kind of quality from more expensive makes such as Ray-Ban.

See the road better…

These are big glasses. You get a great field of vision, and you’re guaranteed not to get an eyeful of frame in your peripheral view. Despite being so large, they are still comfortable, which to a large extent is down to the fact that they only weigh 27g. That’s super light for such big glasses.

The soft rubber arms, nose pads, and spring hinges all contribute to their comfort. In our experience, these are comfortable to wear even on long journeys and road trips.

A nice freebie…

Finally, one useful added extra is the nice quality screwdriver. This is very handy for making sure the screws in the hinges are kept properly secured. There’s nothing worse than having a tiny screw fall out of your sunglasses.

Aviator MXNX UV Protection Driving Sunglasses

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Lightweight.
  • Large field of view.
  • Good selection of frames and lenses.
  • Soft and hard cases are included.
  • It comes with a screwdriver.
  • Polarized.


  • The lenses do not feature a scratch-resistant coating.

5 ROCKNIGHT HD Polarized UV Protection Sunglasses – Best Value for the Money Sunglasses for Driving

ROCKNIGHT Driving Sunglasses come with an excellent choice of frames and lenses. They have either coffee, black, or silver frames, and the lenses come in multiple colors and strengths of tinting. There are even yellow lenses for those of you who need sunglasses for driving in conditions of low light, including nighttime driving.

Protection and comfort…

The frames are made from Al-Mg alloy. It a tough and lightweight material. The fact is that they only weigh 20g, so consequently are easily the lightest driving sunglasses in our review. This not only makes them possibly the best for driving but also for a variety of sports, such as running or cycling.

The frames have soft anti-slip temple tips and adjustable soft nose pads. This latest edition also includes a replacement set of nose pads. It’s a great idea, and we have to ask why more manufactures don’t do this?

The lenses are polarized and will also give you full UV400 protection against the harmful rays of the sun. For such an inexpensive pair of sunglasses, you get some of the best UV protection driving sunglasses available. Furthermore, the good optical quality and the polarization work well to cut down glare.

Where things are not so good…

Due to some cost savings, there isn’t any scratch-resistant coating. This leaves them vulnerable to damage. Plus, there’s also no anti-fog or hydrophobic coatings. This is no big issue as far as driving is concerned, which is their primary purpose, but if you use them for sporting activities, this lack of coatings will be telling.

Finally, ROCKNIGHT stands firmly behind their product and provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year breakage warranty for the frame and glasses. We’re sure you’ll agree that’s not bad at all.

ROCKNIGHT HD Polarized UV Protection Sunglasses

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Excellent range.
  • Super-lightweight.
  • Polarized lenses.
  • UV400 protected.
  • Soft temple tips.
  • A replacement set of nose pads are included.
  • Inexpensive.


  • No lens coating.

6 Tifosi Optics Seek FC Sunglasses – Best Non Polarized Sunglasses for Driving

These are a great option for anyone seeking high-quality driving sunglasses at an affordable price. Tifosi manufacture sunglasses that are every bit as good as bigger named brands. Although it’s a name you might not have heard of, they have a strong presence in the industry and are a trusted and well-established brand.

These are non-polarized lenses…

No doubt, polarized lenses have their benefits, but not all drivers need or want polarization. We’ll explore the reasons why in more detail in the Buying Guide. The lenses include dark, brown, and rose options. They have a UV protective coating and especially centered lenses that minimize distortion. These are also tough and shatterproof.

Photochromic lenses are available. If you want photochromic lenses, you can get the Fototec lenses with this frame. There is, however, a slight premium for photochromic lenses.

Adjustable and affordable…

The design of the frames gives you an uninterrupted view which makes them great for sports as well as driving. The adjustable earpieces and nose pads are also well designed and ensure you the very best in comfort.

The frames are made from strong and durable Grilamid TR-90 Nylon. They’ll take plenty of punishment. Together with the lenses, you can expect to hang on to these for a long time.

Superb value for the money…

In our opinion, these are the best sunglasses if you want excellent optical quality without an excessive price tag. They’re hard to beat in the middle tier price bracket and make an excellent case for themselves and your hard-earned cash.

Tifosi Optics Seek FC Sunglasses

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Comfortable.
  • They afford a full field of vision.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Excellent optical quality.
  • Good value.


  • The dark lenses are very dark.

Best Sunglasses For Driving Buying Guide

Best Sunglasses For Driving Buying Guide

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are often the default choice for drivers and for very good reasons. The benefits of polarized lenses are that they reduce glare and any associated distortion better than standard lenses. This is even more the case in wet conditions where reflected light off wet road surfaces or road signs can cause visual impairment.

So, all good then?

Well, not quite. A rather big issue for polarized driving sunglasses is that they can make reading your phone, sat-nav, or other vehicle instruments either difficult or impossible. This is because polarized lenses knock out horizontal lines that are important when reading many instruments and computer screens.

All of this is the reason pilots don’t wear polarized sunglasses. If you regularly need to view your sat-nav or phone, then you will be better advised to stick with standard sunglasses. But, if you feel polarized glasses are the best way to go, we think ROCKNIGHT Polarized Sunglasses are the best pick.

Standard Lenses

We can see a big advantage in using standard lenses over polarized lenses for driving sunglasses. The main benefit is that you don’t get any issues with viewing either instruments, phones, or sat-nav systems if you have standard sunglasses lenses.

Another benefit is that non-polarized glasses can be bought with darker lenses. This is particularly useful if you live in a country or area with intense light.

Although polarized lenses generally result in less glare, higher-quality standard lenses, like the Ray-Ban RB3507 CLUBMASTER, have an anti-reflective coating on the lenses. This goes a long way to eliminating the problem.


In the right circumstances, photochromic sunglasses are the best driving sunglasses over any of the alternatives. They work brilliantly at adjusting the amount of light that hits your eyes according to the intensity of sunlight. This makes them perfect in variable light conditions.

These days photochromic sunglasses have never been quicker to adapt to changing light. This is good news, but never the less they still have their limitations.

Although photochromic lenses have come a long way, they are still only able to limit light transfer between 20% to 70%. This means in very bright or dark conditions; they are not as good an option as either a standard or polarized set of sunglasses.

Scratch and Impact Resistance

However careful you are, it’s very hard to stop the lenses of your sunglasses from coming into contact with something that will potentially scratch or damage them. We’re sure you’ll all agree there’s nothing worse than getting a scratch on your sunglasses. There’s also nothing worse than getting scratches on your new sunglasses and particularly if they’re in direct line of view.

Although you pay more for scratch-resistant glasses, we think the extra is more than worth it. Being able to withstand scratches will significantly extend the life of your sunglasses.

Having impact-resistant lenses will also save you significant expenses down the line if you either drop them or they become the victim of some rough handling. It’s another great feature worth paying extra for. The best driving sunglasses to meet these criteria are either the Tifosi or Ray-Ban sunglasses.


The right size plays a key role in ensuring your comfort. For this reason, you should always pay close attention to the size and dimensions provided by the manufacturers. You don’t want to end up with a pair of glasses that keep falling off or squeeze your head like it’s in a vice.

Other major considerations are the two contact points with your face and head. These are at the arms and the nose. Soft silicone nose pads will go a long way to helping secure a comfortable fit.

Additionally, soft and pliable temple arms on a hinge will be a big help. We believe the Tifosi Optics Seek FC Driving Sunglasses are potentially the most comfortable on our list.

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What are the Best Sunglasses For Driving?

So, there you have it. Getting the right pair of sunglasses for you and the kind of driving you to do, is important. We hope this small selection helped you in your search.

We like all of the sunglasses reviewed and would be happy to keep any of them in any of our cars. However, if we had to choose just one pair, it would be the…

ROCKNIGHT HD Polarized UV Protection Sunglasses

We like these because they have an excellent range of lenses and frames. Additionally, they are very lightweight, have soft temples, and come with polarized lenses that provide UV400 protection. But, even better, you get all of this for a very affordable price. What’s not to like?

Until next time, may the road treat you right.


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